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Our values - do not always ask me what will be, but I have to ask for enterprises do.
Our aim - first-class quality of service; first-rate efficiency; the company's first-class reputation.
Our mission - to create value and employment opportunities; for the staff to create room for development; to provide customers with high-quality products and services.
We have the spirit - loyal devotion, unity and hard work.
Our principles - to comply with regulations, not wrong.
Our security - all working to secure the premise.
Our style - quick response to act now.
We used to - day, date completed, Nissin, Japan and high.
Our goal - the creation of wealth for mankind, in order to create value. And then 10 years to achieve the listing.
Our state of mind - Thanksgiving, and forever young and innocence.
Our personality - honesty, self-improvement to forever.
Business and external, internal business between the honest people, self-confidence, self-improvement, self-discipline.
We have the will to fight - believe that we will be able to succeed because we are a good team and perfect.
Our character - open and above-board, modest and prudent, stay, enterprising and pragmatic, simple and effective, vigorous and resolute, firm and indomitable, work on the fire of enthusiasm in general.
Our philosophy - are the first elements of the capital, respecting knowledge and talented people.
Our philosophy - the great, is to create. Where is difficult, where profits.
Our operation - the first sale of the trust, and then the product is. In order to contact, not for trading.
Our strategy - in the area of the foot, the big fast, strong, so refined, so thoroughly, to build the country, the world-class enterprise.
Our approach - for excellence, the first Wing Chong
Our position - the National refrigeration products manufacturing, sales service centers.
Our slogan - we see the truth known and well-being services
We have the essence - change, innovation, speed and coordination. Is the core of the struggle.
We have a crisis - not far away from us! Yesterday, the brilliant enough to resist the crisis of tomorrow, today, will it be possible to eliminate the need to fight tomorrow's crisis.
We are opposed to the - to no avail to waste, no team spirit behind inaction, complacency, the damage has been public benefit, money worship, fraud, formalism and bureaucracy.


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