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Why smart meter suffered embarrassing to be the promotion of water-saving concept
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   It is reported that Guangzhou University City to install the smart meter, found on the meter by unauthorized alterations, or even destroyed water meters, to make a thorough failure and thus evade payment of water bills. Until the problem was found, a total of 8000 water meters have been destroyed, and the provision of water to the logistics companies have nearly 300 million in economic losses.

   "This is a smart meter in the domestic market is not small setbacks encountered." Competing water meters up to Division I, general manager, said. He said that the destruction of water meters is true and moral qualities, but such a large-scale destruction of water meters, traced to the root causes of the smart meter is in the process of promoting awareness of the experience of traditional water, "Zuji Zhan." The Beijing Water Corporation deputy chief engineer of the view that Mr Paterson, the last in the early 1990s, not today's water resources so severe, schools, factories and other public institutions in the field of water is often seen as worthless "big" is not only free of charge , And with less use of a kind; was symbolic of the charges in the eyes of many has been the first time; smart meter, in the bound students and workers used to the water at the same time, also followed by one obstacle after another.

   It is understood that, "IC card in addition to water-saving smart meter, also in the field of public responsibility for water to the people." Metrology university teacher who also did the Division I, "smart meter free to manage the water, so many people are Is not used to. "Combined with his repeated visits to Europe and the United States experience:" The water-saving concept in the West still has a big gap. Quite a number of European countries are rich in water resources, but the smart meter long past the stage of the universal. The key is Water-saving is also reflected a sense of civic responsibility: the responsibility of saving and fair. "Paterson and Liu said that Western developed countries, mainly in Far-based meter, the relative dominance of China's IC card contact and contactless meter to meter That the water meter Far more difficult to control, but because of the credibility of Western values in general, the destruction of water meters to steal the water is rare.

   In our country, because of the widespread use of water ladder, our family of water-saving awareness gradually increased, but most of the schools, factories and collective units are still in use ordinary water meters, "awareness of the same big pot" has not fundamentally changed, canteen, water Housing "laissez-faire" is staged from time to time.

   IC card intelligent water meter is a product of the end of the 20th century, but it was not until 2002, in China began to promote a large area. IC card intelligent water meter step by step "into the common people", in addition to greatly improve the current charge water most of the area is difficult, inconvenient for the management of the status quo, to a large extent change people's awareness of water on a per capita China Water is extremely scarce countries, it is good Mo Dayan. However, the home of China's smart meter rate less than 50% of the public domain and even less than 5%, compared with Western developed countries, with penetration there is a big gap in the area of water-saving potential is far from full display. Rather mean that the smart meter is continuing to promote the process of repeated twists and turns, so that people are more intelligent meter-wide popularity of worry.
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