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Enterprises using smart IC card water meter effective conservation of water resources
Date:5/26/2024  Click:3134 Double-click auto scroll, click stop
    A few days ago, Xiqing District in Tianjin in the region within the framework of the implementation of the smart card IC business water meter installation, to take water pre-charge manner, so that the exploitation of groundwater in the region to reduce the amount of 15% year-on-year. 

    The project of the West as the Green Zone to strengthen water resources management, water science and plans to achieve a major water project, officially launched at the end of 2006. Up to now, the smart card IC installed 140 water meters, and developed a smart IC card water meter management, the implementation of standardized measurement of charge. As a result of pre-charge measurement of the way water, water metering rate of 98%, water tariff rate of 96% or more of groundwater resources significantly increase the amount of charges to ensure that the groundwater resources for the collection, the promotion of water resources Conservation, water production to reduce by 15% year-on-year. 

    West Green Zone from the source, strict examination and approval to apply for drilling wells, setting up a monitoring group to the region's water companies to carry out strict inspections to eliminate the phenomenon of private wells, the effective protection of groundwater resources. According to the business situation to determine the water reasonable indicators of water, the water consumption of large enterprises to give technical assistance to encourage businesses to use water-saving new technology to promote water conservation.
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