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Shift meter outdoor convenience and benefit rates
Date:5/26/2024  Click:3358 Double-click auto scroll, click stop
   WASHINGTON Qiqihar on February 27 outdoor electric meter shift convenience and benefit rates
   In order to avoid intrusive inspection of water meters at households in the city of tap water Group Co., Ltd. is about to implement reform so that the water meters of households. This will benefit both the convenience and prices. 

   According to the Water Holdings Limited staff: Based on the City Water Authority, the Construction Bureau and the Planning Board "on the measurement of household water meter installed," provides that from the beginning in 2007, where a new building design and construction units must be in accordance with the City Water Unified arrangements will be designed to install water meters to measure outdoor, or non-acceptance of project completion; where the measurement of household water meter indoors, should the requirements of the relevant government departments, municipal tap water each year free of charge for its transformation Group Co., Ltd. of households If the specified time is not on its own without the replacement of households with a high sensitivity replacement of water meters, meter reading business and the impact of water charges, water supply enterprises may be related to legal proceedings to stop its water supply.

   At present, the City Holdings Limited water meter out of the upcoming transformation of households, so that through the transformation of the household water meters, set in the stairwell of the water meter box.
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