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IC card water meter is expected to home
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    Water levy "water-friendly" good, the public "to pay, after the water" of the IC card fare collection won the first prize 

    How to better manage scarce water resources is still Dalian from April 17 this year, the city of Dalian Water Affairs Bureau to consult all sectors of the city's "good", 4 months, received a total of 165 from all sectors of society: in particular, how the Strictly sauna Pirates of the water, the implementation of IC card fees. Yesterday, named after the Water Supplies Department, of which a number of valuable proposals for the recognition. 

    IC card water meter is more scientific and effective 

    According to the reporter learned that the "suggestions", not only in the Water system, a number of NPC deputies and CPPCC members, retired cadres are also involved in coming. 

    Dalian Municipal Government ZHANG Yong-de rectification of the Office of the Ombudsman in an investigation report recommended that "the use of new technologies to reduce the cost of management operations," he said of the new technology, it is proposed to change the traditional way to collect water, rely on human meter reading, Not only inaccurate but also increase the cost of manpower. Electricity, gas, public transportation is used by the IC card charges not only accurate science, technology is mature and can learn from them, set to become the first payment, after the water is about to run out of water when it will issue a prompt to encourage ordinary According to the members of the public to pay their water consumption, water conservation at the same time. 

   ZHANG Yong-de recommendations of the Water Supplies Department has attached great importance in the 165 recommendations, more than 70 were rated third on January 2. ZHANG Yong-de recommendations ranked first prize. 

   Lang Secretary for Water and even spoke highly of the event, he said that these proposals will be full investigation. To address the safety of drinking water in urban and rural areas to address the concerns of most people, most of the focus on the issue of Jipan, according to the first urgent relief after the easier part first in a planned step-by-step principle to be addressed. 

   Sauna Center, there are still cases of water theft 

   Sauna bath water industry because large-prone Pirates of the water, is also a cause for concern. Large-resistant Pump Co., Ltd. warranty Minister Li said that after he found that Golden State Pirates of the sauna bath water is a serious claim to some of the masseuses underground wells are, in fact, tap water theft, residents near the water Has been greatly affected. There are individual sauna center of water in arrears, an alarming amount. 

   Li believes that the implementation of water should be sauna technical control of the sauna operators to implement single-tube form, and through transformation, sauna centers and the public will be used for water pipe off, water in wells to the outside So that it can effectively control the Pirates of the water, while industrial and commercial departments should co-operate a new business center of the sauna should be water to the water department for approval.
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